freezing summer

freezing bite-size summer for later petite peach snowballs   fuzzy snowflakes to tickle my chin like Daddy's stubble   flushed yellow sun drops to nurse my icicle flesh   ruby inner thigh frost pricking my grey skin awake   stave the glacier compacting in my lungs

egg hunt

sweet milk from mother’s teat one more chapter under the covers with a flashlight five more minutes, Ma   witting touches kisses bites nerve fire shrouded whispers fused flesh   another shot round hit that last shot nitey nite bathroom floor hung. over.   flight drive miles and miles and miles assorted cities winged exits wanton roads frisk all the points on the map   looking for FabergĂ© finding goose 

moil and bubble

3 a.m. recess   puckish sprites spring from dusty vaults dancing a mirthy dance in the musty moonlight   fussy alcoves stretch cramped muscles persnickety sorters of cubbyholes of flesh   history textbooks yawn tomes from curtained nooks creaking spines flopping open to chapters long shelved

with both feet

deadhead the wolfsbane sucking out blood, spit, and chlorophyll with gnarly, violet teeth throw it into the dirt and stomp on it with both feet   call it ecoterrorism assassination purple Kool-Aid or mulch for infant seedlings

No Lifeguard on Duty

from above, the lane is cockeyed wavy, buoyant dopey rats swim back and forth back and forth back and forth from below, the lane is straight clear, precise freewheeling loons dive lungs screaming muscles flexing chests pressed downward


 a steel on steel thingamabob chugs along deaf to the fact (typical) the oil is wearing thin and out overtaxed cogs are filing for emergency relief pillowy smoke is congregating for mass it's clack clicking, not click clacking and ozone wafts by like coffee in a cafĂ© the thingamabob might just blow today, next Thursday, in seven weeks  it needs more oil but her vats are empty finite oil in a mango she's all gunky and fibrous  stone shattered from overharvesting oil drained dry fruitless